Perfect for a lifetime She has been very vocal

Perfect for a lifetime She has been very vocal about her mother’s way of throwing a heart out to her father. She doesn’t like her father very much, she is over half a hundred people, and she is stubborn as a child. The temper is not arrogant. I want to please the mother for everything he has done, and he has to slap his nose and make a few comments. Of course she couldn’t see the past, always standing in the middle of them bravely and fearlessly, as she was a child, glaring at her father. To be a father, it is a bit of a slap in the face; but it can not erase the following, begging for mercy, or a few gentle jokes, smashing this little quarrel. He always slammed and slammed and walked outside the door. Next, it was the scene that made her most angry. The mother desperately chased it up, took her father’s arm, and in front of her face, almost whispered to him: Where did the mad go? Say good at noon to you and the real child to eat like braised fish, how to forget? The father didn’t take a step outside, but he didn’t look down at his mother. Instead, he walked into the study with his hands and discouraged. He didn’t come out for a long time, until his mother was busy, and he pulled him out personally. She didn’t understand at all,Perfect for a lifetime She has been very vocal Perfect for a lifetime She has been very vocal


why the mother would be so indulgent to her father. She felt that her father’s bad habits were almost always used by her mother. Therefore, when I was looking for a boyfriend, I would have a special heart. Any boy who has a little father’s shadow will be taken away. This pick and pick, it has passed 28 years old. The father, who has always been ignorant of her marriage, was angry and personally set up a banquet at home to help her inspect an excellent officer who was introduced by an old comrade. The officers’ behaviors and demeanors are indeed very decent, and their careers are also excellent. However, when she finally played chess with her father, she committed the taboo of her perfect lover in her mind. She was a hero in front of her father-in-law in the future, and even a small pawn refused to let it. Of course, the father refused to give up. Looking at the two soldiers with similar odors, she smiled slightly, and in her heart, she gently smashed him away. This time, my father really got angry and said that you are not perfect. What qualifications are for others? ! She was angry and moved to her aunt’s house to live. Lying in bed at night, I complained to my aunt about my father’s bad behavior. I didn’t expect my aunt to sigh a little and said: You don’t know how many sisters that year, your mother found such a good husband. Both your father and his immediate boss have seen your mother, and it was the inspection period for your father to promote the captain. As a result, he would rather not be a captain, but also take your mother over. His unwillingness to let not only touched your mother, but also won the appreciation of the leader. Another year he performed his mission. He fell from the cliff and lost a good bone. On the way to the operating room, afraid of your mother’s worry, he also clenched his teeth, had to lie with your mother to report peace, and then to enter the operating room. In fact, in the big event, for your mother, he is determined not to be willing to take a half step to others. Your mother, in fact, is the same. Otherwise, it is me, not her, who married your father that year. She actually felt a little strange, like listening to other people’s stories; the heroes and heroines who are in love with each other in the story, will endure for each other, and will stubbornly hold on to others, and will not let others go. Letting it be, not only, it’s all in order to be able to live forever. At the moment when my father “had not been angry” and called her to go back, she finally realized that the happiness of a lifetime is not whether there is a perfect lover; instead, the two hearts are combined in the end. In the circle, can you use your own love and gentleness, tolerate each other’s edges and corners, and never let go. Ring and love The ring was born because of the needs of men? The practicality of the ring is too broad. Everyone always thinks that a small ring, no matter how gorgeous or not, is always taken for granted in the life of modern people. To trace the background of the ring, we must first look at it. See more than a thousand years ago, when there were no rings in the world, the ancient Egyptian ruling class had to put the seal of representative power on the body at any time Replica Cartier Santos watches, and avoid the cumbersomeness placed on the hand, simply put it on the ring; People think that the small seal on the man’s hand is very beautiful, so it is constantly improved, and it is circulated as a lady’s jewelry. This is the original origin of the ring. Learning with a ring The Egyptians first used the ring. In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the small ring means ‘eternal’; the Chinese Song Dynasty had a pearl ring, which means ‘family reunion.’ In the past, men and women used the ring as a lover to wear on the ring finger of the left hand, because that position just had a blood vessel straight to the heart, to compare the true feelings of the heart. In modern times, most people are used to wearing a ring on their left hand, because the right hand has a large amount of activity, which is easy to cause collision and damage the gemstone; of course, if the gem is deliberately highlighted, the right hand is a perfect show. ~ Wearing an index finger means craving love The diamond ring is a favorite of women. In the past, the wearing method of this diamond ring is quite elegant. If it is a single body, the diamond ring will be worn on the little finger. If it is worn on the index finger, it means longing for love; the middle finger means love; if it is worn On the ring finger, it means that you are engaged or married. The meaning of the various rings is confusing for many people. Nowadays, people are not too rigid. As long as they are in love with each other, the ring is worn on which finger, and the true feelings are still covered. Jewelry psychology According to the statistics of psychologists, the materials of different rings and wearing methods were sorted out and found to have some commonalities: Men 1. Wearing sterling silver is mild and easy to move to others. 2. Those who wear gold rings pay more attention to the interests, but the business is smart. 3. Dai jade jade people pay attention to the taste of raw taste, and be cautious. Ms 1. Love pink diamonds or pink corals, rich and romantic. 2. Love the ruby ​​or red tourmaline, passionate. 3. Those who love sapphire or aquamarine are cooler than introverted. 4. Love emerald or Turkish stone, feeling weak. Ring and finger 1. Wearing a index finger, the personality is more radical. 2. Wearing the right middle finger, life is a concept of the mean. 3. Wearing the middle left finger, it is the responsibility to catch up and value the home. 4. Wearing a tail ring, there is a feeling of inferiority. 5. Wearing a ring finger, no ambition, easygoing, less care about gains and losses. I want this kind of happiness It’s not that you can no longer think about it, no longer want to love. But it will still be crying because he has a word. Last night, I was crying again. I went to bed this morning and my eyes were swollen like pandas. Still under great pressure to go to work. Standing in the bathroom, blushing and drawing eyeliner. Then when I came out, I was still a guilty look. I just feel that I am not so reconciled. It seems that everything that has been done in the past six years is in vain. I think that one day he will be sorry for me and will be happy for me. I thought that one day I could look like a winner, watching him sad and doing nothing. However, in the past six years, all my love and hate has finally been me alone. It is no wonder that you will tell me that a person with hatred in his heart is not easy to be happy and happy. I finally understood that my own performance of false love for all my inner hatred ended up hurting myself. He didn’t care about it at all. I thought that like a small tank, a crazy rampage would hurt him. But I spent so much effort, thinking that I hurt others, but he told me, oh? Is it? Do you have to do this? This is the biggest blow to my revenge. I know the boy who played the piano for me. Maybe I will never meet a boy who loves me like him in this life. But we must be separated. I said, you, hurry up and get married. I really want to see the days when you are married and happy. He suddenly said a word to me very low, he said, then you will come back soon. He is waiting for me, for so many years, so many water-like times, he is waiting for me. He waited for me to go back to give me the most beautiful happiness and tomorrow. He waited for me to go back and marry me. But I know, I can’t go back. And there is no effort to make it go back. In October. I want to get married. Marry someone I am not familiar with, or even miss. But someone will say that he does not want me to get married. At that moment, I suddenly felt that life was a joke, and in the end it was a joke of fate. I don’t want to marry what I want, just think that it’s not the life I want, just think that it’s a temper of me and my youth’s gamble? Then I thank you so much for your good for me. But I want to settle down. I always thought that your arms would be the last place I stopped. But that long time passed. I didn’t listen to you saying that you love me. I didn’t hear a sentence that I want to stay with you to see all the scenery in the future. I am already very disappointed. I already believe it. There is no such position in my heart to succumb to a simple love story. The more I go, the more tired I will be. My heart is also very tired. When I want to stop, I find out who is around. Then I hugged him desperately. Ask him to take me home. I want a stable life. Never look hard for those hands that you can’t hold. I long for life. Just a simple happiness. But the long-lasting Lai sleeps very late in bed. Then go out for a walk in the good mood, occasionally do the game, wear the dance shoes of the collection and go to the stage. Then another newspaper opened a column. Write some of my love for camping for so many years. One day I suddenly found myself going to be old. Then struggling to go out and start learning about fashion design. Learning English. There is also a lot of Japanese that has been abandoned. Let yourself be as energetic as you were when you were young, talk to a group of dear children, and talk about the little feelings in youth. Haha. What a wonderful day. I am glad that I have not yet had a strong desire to stop. Then there is a lot of energy to work and love. With a shallow dream, a chic turn I am leaving, with a shallow dream; just like the rainy morning, quiet, quiet. It seems that everything has been arranged. On a morning of dawn, I don’t want to stir the sleepy dreams again, so that this weary dream can continue in the past, just to give the soul a heart when the flowers are dying. Consolation, even if it is very weak and small… In fact, it is necessary to start numbness when you are tired. Perhaps it is always unwilling to bring a kind of fate to people, but the ones that do not take away are the scars of the past. I really want to watch a flower open, and a flower falls quietly… I really want to leave and walk into another dream; I have secretly prayed several times, don’t arrange me in a sad place. Dreams play a leading role. However, just like the rainy days of each season, the sorrows of the inevitable sorrows are given to the people; in addition to the feelings of the passing of the years, there is still no help for the lonely. I am leaving, with a shallow dream. Let me leave this silently, leaving only one behind the helpless ‘invisible’; leaving, then stealth, and finally disappear. I don’t want to take anything away, but I don’t want to take too much. The melancholy is too heavy and the frustration is too thick. With the clearing of the solidification, everything has already been fixed in the inner picture, in fact, that is the only thing that can’t be opened! I don’t want to leave anything, I want to be in the blank of my mind when I wake up, and my memory is snowy. I don’t want to let this tearful and beautiful regret make my tears smothered, I want to take it to my empty world, and then turn around. When I look back, everything turns out to be a passer-by. When I am gone Replica Cartier Santos, I will bring a shallow dream. In this way, everything will be misty and indifferent; no longer believe that it is an endless effort that I have planted. All the honor and disgrace, all the brilliance, is not like the clouds of the sky, after a smile, it is still changed back to the dark night hidden in the evening. It has been opened up, like a clear river, but also like a tear crystal, awkward, bitter. Sadness, everything will pass, no matter when, give yourself a calm reason. Because I don’t want to live so tired! For such reasons, it may be the best relief for anyone. It was once painful and tormented. It was numb and began to lose consciousness. The body was only a temporary empty shell, waiting to be turned into a dust soon. Also used the silent tears to wash the memory of yesterday’s dust. Into the tears, and finally found that the wind can also bring a suffocating desolate back to the air, that is where it stays. Suddenly understand, give yourself a kindness, is to be kind to yourself! To leave a shallow dream to yourself is a beautiful interpretation of life! Going far, carrying the shallow dreams in my heart. In the distance, I silently look back at the bumpy years of the past, fold all the sorrows into the wind, gently soothe the wrinkles in front of the forehead, change the mood to feel the cold rain, sculpt the dull heart, and inject a drop of ‘forget the water’ during the period. . Gently, silently, don’t want to be perceived by the past. Perhaps this is the attitude we are really looking for. I have already left, and I have a shallow dream, for a chic turn. Because when I woke up, the unpleasantness had already faded away with the night. It’s just a pass away. In fact, you can still bring a bitter fairy tale with your love and regret. After that, the smile will be as good as ever! Let us take a shallow dream, forget the redness under the red light of the world; forget the entanglement of tears infiltration; forget the care of the white face. Because standing under the blue sky, the dancing of the treetops is like the hands we waved. After we left, we picked up the petals that floated, and when we turned around, we gave you a happy petal rain… Plain time, quiet writing If you close your eyes, you can forget; if, through the tears, all weaknesses become strong; if, during the day, the disguise of laughter can be used to caress the wounds in the dark, how good. I always want to tell you gently that you are the most beautiful encounter in my prime year. A city, a poem, met you in the deepest red dust. From then on, my life has thousands of songs and thousands of thoughts; a love, a heart, smashed you in the most beautiful time, from then on My heart has a deep infatuation… Some things have really been forgotten, and some things are really unwilling to mention. When the flower-like mind is blown away again by the breeze, the circle flashes like a dream, and finally it becomes a vain bubble. Through the dawn of the hustle and bustle, reading the past of a window, the seasons of indifference, drowning the love of Fanghua, smashing a red dust, a dream, waking up in a dream, letting a roll of love, will condense countless long nights hurt. How can you forget that life, you come in the stars, in the years of the broken, you are like a pair of water, silent, remembering the smile of the smile, the gentle eyes, the sincere feelings, and that A grateful heart, your appearance will remain in my soul. How can I forget that day, your face, tell me a smoky field, sing the song that sings the heart of the heart, the broken beauty is like a sprinkling of fine flowers, although I am silent, my heart is Deeply stinging. Intoxicating tenderness, unforgettable love in the hometown, right and wrong, dreams are ok, the shackles of the soul, the hustle and bustle of the night, the coolness of the idiot, the destiny of the past life, or the illusion of this life, life is a line, but also a door I opened my heart and interrupted the tears. Once the dust of the world was met, the string was a month. From then on, the days were cut into sections, and each paragraph was related to you; from then on, every piece of time, there will be thoughts, through the threshold of time and space, quietly falling in my tender heart. Those pale and powerless fragments, after all, do not rival the flow of water. Some people say that the memory of the fish is only 7 seconds. The time is bright and the years are gone. In fact, many times, the desire to be a free-floating fish is only for the 7-second instant. Happy, infatuated, happy in the left hand, warm in the right hand. Following the fragrant fragrance of time, listening to the soul, looking back at the year, clearing the cream, always believe that some emotions are still fragrant even if they fall into the mud. Some people say that deep love is a faint love, I can’t do it, so I like to hide you in my eyebrows; some people say that the opposite of love is forgotten, I can’t forget it, so I like to put you in my heart. . I want to come, how many people will be in this life, have you met thousands of miles, and have gone through the clouds? In the middle of the year, if there is a person, in your life, the fireworks will be smashed, the meteor will pass through, even if it is separated from the sea, but you can call in the soul dream, you can miss it in the text, this is not a kind of warmth. ? In the year of the flow, who is who waits, who is who is the only, the footsteps of the embarrassment, the vow of silence, the heartache of who is disturbed. Whose concern, the traces of the years, silently passed away. Whose eyes are full of parting pains, can’t stop. The sadness of a season, the sadness of a shallow dance, who, who knows, who is pity? I will think about it and bloom it into a verdant shape, and fold a stack of memories into yellow paper. Lost time, stunned, who is in the deep affection of who? Who is at the fingertips who is gone? The smoke and the rain are red and convinced that the flower blossoms in more than one season, sitting in the world of the heart, thinking of the opposite, looking at the tenderness, turning into a thought and leaving the sadness… I missed the infinite thoughts, dreamed a few times and tenderly planted deep, and made a glimpse of the wind and the moon, looking at the end of the road alone. Little man Maybe life has always been like this. It has bitterness and sweetness, and there is joy and sorrow. When encountering troubles and unhappiness, I will say to myself: As long as you work hard Best Replica Cartier, everything will pass. If you choose each other, you must accept her shortcomings. You must be sure of his strengths. You must adapt to enjoying life in the wind and rain. You must know how to taste life in the ups and downs. Slowly, I learned to be strong, learned to be silent, and learned to be indifferent. The running-in period has gone. We can’t change anyone. Only by adapting to each other and accepting reality is the best choice. She is very good to me, but I have never heard of her before, I want to say that I am also very true to her, but she never told me, I am stupid, stupid things can not do well, stupid I want to be a woman like her in my next life, but I don’t want to have her personality. The happiness you want is not so easy to get. The happy days will always be surpassed by reality. I want to give you the whole world. I want to give you all the good things you want, but in my hands, I don’t have the ability to control everything. The promise is not fulfilled, the vow is always empty, I really want to be a good man in your mind, but the reality makes me hurt and hurt. I want to have a warm hug that will make me forget my responsibility and let me be spoiled. I want to have a caring concern so that I can forget my troubles and fight passionately, but I can’t get it. I won’t be angry with it, and I won’t escape from it. No matter how small or stupid I am, I am a man. I will take my responsibility and I will try my best.

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How long has it been for a lifetime? I have loved you for so long! If love has a different shape, I will be like yours in my heart and remember for a lifetime. DR Poetry rain often asks the other half of a question: ‘Do you love me?’ The husband will pinch her fleshy face and say, ‘Love~’ Then Shi Yu always asks him again and again: ‘How long will you love me?’ Husband replied: ‘A lifetime of jealousy’ She still refuses to give up: ‘How long is it for a lifetime?’ The husband always looks at her eyes and replies seriously: ‘I have loved you for so long in my life Replica Cartier Santos watches.’ Girls often feel insecure in love. In fact, many times it is not that she does not trust you enough. It’s just her sensitive and fragile heart, Be sure to be sure that you are loving her. She, just want to use a heart, in exchange for your 100% love. I remember seeing a message online. Huang Xiaoming is going to attend an event, but he still has a pregnant wife. I was asked by the reporter: Is it not bothering to be with you every day?

 my life Replica Cartier Santos watches

Huang Xiaoming said with a smile: ‘She just wants to follow me.’ Sweet fried ~~~ Telling the truth, this will never be annoying to my wife. No matter how long you get married, Men who are always sweet and love their wives, It is simply the light of life! Shi Yu and her husband’s love have gone through the campus to the wedding dress. Many people didn’t like them when they graduated, because they just broke up like graduation. Everyone has become commonplace, and there are very few who come together after the real **. They insisted that they persisted and got married after five years of graduation. At the wedding, her husband said something to her: Many people ask me why I like you for so long Replica Cartier Santos, From school to now, don’t you feel bored? But I don’t think it’s long, maybe it’s not enough for a lifetime. I want to be with you, this fool. I love you, nothing else. The poetry rain was so moved that tears could not stop. The guests screamed that they would sing a song on the spot. Poetic rain is embarrassed to say: ‘The level of my singing is high and low’ He said: ‘The voice of my singing is big and small Best Replica Cartier.’ Poetry rain laughs with happy tears, thank you for having such a person in his life, I have always loved myself so stupidly, that he made her believe that love is really a lifetime. Every day we are together, We give each other a smile, Every message sent to each other, Big and small, noisy, Hug and kiss again and again, The hardships that have gone through together, Even good morning, every sentence, …… All of this is brought together, I love you, it is a lifetime, it is forever. I want to be a lover of your life, I want to be your concern, There is a kind of guardian who can’t give up, there is a kind of love called life. After night, you will see someone who falls asleep. Be the first person to wake you up in the morning, No matter whether it is cloudy or rainy outside the window, you will always hold me in my arms. The first look that opens every morning, Turning his face and seeing the smiling face next to him, I already feel that it is a good start for a day. It is so easy to be satisfied. What we want is not such simple and beautiful happiness? It is a DR-style love to put a lifetime of love into one person. Use a DR diamond ring to make a long-lasting love, Tell her beloved: I will love you for a long time and time is immortal. 520 is coming, how long will you love ta? I dare not send this article to ta, tell ta: Love you, I dare say forever!

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A promise of gold, promises gold as gold, promises are as precious as gold, only after the years of panning and polishing the promises are like shining golden necklaces, wearing the strength of the promises of the mountains above the neck of the years, the promise of the sea and the loyalty Not bad. However, after recollecting the life we ​​walked along, we found that the promise was scattered on the roadside of memories. Sadness, frustration, and sorrowful feelings are filled with the infatuation of the infatuated woman’s infatuated man, and the sorrowful pain of sorrowful sorrow and sorrow, the promise of the sorrowful sorrow and sorrow, and the promise of a whirlwind disappeared without a trace. The promise of abandoning cuts the true heart of sincerity, and wraps the wound like a martyr, and continues to move forward, because no matter whether you admit it or not, we must learn to have a strong swimming skill in the long river of time, or be drowned or not. Becoming a waver, there is no choice, only the two are in one. When the wounds are forgotten, the calmness and quietness of our minds are experienced as the helmsman in the life Replica Cartier Santos watches, and the resounding promises that motivate you to renounce, and sincerely say thank you. Thank you for living, thank the enemy for thanking friends, they taught us everything. Ask yourself, is the necklace of my scattered promises beautiful? Perhaps in the wonderful memories Replica Cartier Santos, it has become a diamond-like beauty, perhaps become precious as gold, perhaps become a jewel of pearl agate jade white jade, etc., maybe it is dung or stone, but the one in our hearts is precious. Feelings let us cherish the necklace of our own, it is the result of our own life. It is like the feeling of happiness and happiness, based on our own understanding. God gives us the right to judge, let us enjoy ourselves, and it is wonderful. No matter what quality material your necklace is made of, the only thing we can do is to truly cherish the gift that this time brings us. To love it is to love ourselves. A necklace that puts the fragments of promise into memory is worn around the neck of the years. Beauty is in the heart and beauty. Have you ever thought that those boring low-necked shirts and round neck shirts can actually make a difference with a necklace. With a large shape and a fascinating color, a new summer style is set on the solid color clothing. With your own mood, choosing a favorite necklace on the day, in addition to adding a sense of style to the whole mix, is undoubtedly a small sentiment. , isn’t it? If you are wearing a beautiful jewelry for a long time, you may feel bored. If you can make a manual modification of DIY without damaging the jewelry, it will be good~~~ This is a good thing, if you have a superb soft ceramic production. craft! Transform a string of vintage necklace heart pendants. First, use green clay to make a base, then use blue soft clay to make a small rose, then stick it to the green soil. Here is just a simple example. In fact, soft clay color, necklace pendant shape, etc. can be arbitrarily chosen. DIY is a unique jewelry that is unique to you. Today, I will share with you a handmade jewelry for girls jewelry. A little retro style, I believe many girls will like it at first glance. The production is far from being as complicated as it seems, and friends who are interested can make it. There is no difficulty in feeling without experience, and it is achievable. The materials needed are mainly beads, non-woven fabrics, braided ropes, glue, precious stones, and needle threads. In general, you can see the picture, and the rest is to aggregate these materials. Details of what the pros are still looking at the pictures. I hope my friends can like it~ If you have a lot of jewelry and hanging chains, it is not very troublesome to clean up and look for it. The DIY small production brought by 51 Faber today may help you solve this problem. This is a practical necklace hanging storage tank that uses the waste material DIY. Putting your favorite jewelry inside, it will not be disturbed and easy to find. It is a convenient home storage assistant. Old discs with old oil drums make necklace storage more convenient Waste materials used to make necklace storage tanks include: beads, used CDs, cotton, old clothes, unused kegs Let’s take a look at the following: 1. First, use a cone to pierce a hole in the edge of the disc by heating it with a needle on the candle. After the small hole on the disc is finished, use sandpaper to smooth the unevenness of the surface. 2. Cut two rounds that are slightly larger than the disc from the old clothes, clip the cotton in the middle, then clip the disc, and then stitch it up. The method is the same as the method of how to use the CD to transform the coaster as described by 51. The details of how to use the disc to make the lace cloth coaster. 3. After the ‘cup mat’ is completed, use the needle to pass through the cloth through the small hole that was just punched on the disc. Because the cd disc has been covered by the table cloth at this time, you can use the needle to pass through the small hole and you can only rely on your fingers to explore, so be careful to handcuff! After the bead needle passes through the disc, the needle is wound into a loop with a needle-nose pliers. (See below) Old discs with old oil drums make necklace storage more convenient 4. Fold in half with the sling,

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pass through the small hole in the middle of the disc, and put a knot on both ends of the rope, as shown in the figure. When you put the jewelry pendant in the future, you will pass the necklace through the beads that have been turned into a circle in the previous step. When you use it, just pull the sling and pull all the necklaces down naturally. It is convenient to pick them up. Old discs with old oil drums make necklace storage more convenient 5. The next step is to make a container for these hanged jewels. After all, you can’t just drop the necklace on the hanger as if it were clothes. Here, 51 Faber is paved with a small wooden bucket in the form of a DIY storage tank, and then a lace lining with old clothes Best Replica Cartier. Because there was a very nice pattern carving on the barrel, I didn’t make a coat. If you don’t have a wooden barrel on your hand, then you can use a oil drum to cut it, but you have to use the old clothes cloth as a coat on the inner lining. After all, the oil barrel is bare and looks too cold. . Old discs with old oil drums make necklace storage more convenient 6. After the storage bin is completed, close the hanging cover made of the upper half of the disc, and it becomes a nice and easy-to-use necklace jewelry storage jar. Old discs with old oil drums make necklace storage more convenient Do you like this waste making small? If you want to know more about the use of waste DIY practical household products, you can get the updated content by 51 Faber’s “Waste Utilization” section…

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(1) He is not a decoration, although it is very similar to decoration. From a distance, in the light or in the sun, one of the mother’s fingers flashed brightly, that is, when the mother took the ring—the thimble Replica Cartier Santos watches, the sewing, the dressing, the embroidering, the shoes… when the needlework was done, the mother Wear it and wear it on the hardest and most loyal fingers. (2) The most complicated activity is the winter cotton shoes for a family. The soles are very thick. The folks are called “thousand layers of bottoms”. Because they are worn in the rain, the soles are thin and will not seep. The half-inch thick soles are layered by rag layers, each layer is glued with a paste, and then pierced with dense needles, with hundreds of thousands of pinholes arranged vertically and horizontally. (3) As you can imagine, in this warm-working project, the mother’s hand is under great pressure and may even suffer from the pain. The needle leads the line, the thread follows the needle, passes through the mist of the ‘thousand layers’, the night of the ‘thousand layers’, and then reaches the other side of the sole to reach the other side of life. After the needles and lines are traversing, they often tremble to the other side. This is their station. After a short break, they will go deep into the bottom of life, return to the other side, and then return. (4) In this station,

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it is the mother’s finger that greets them, and that is the fortune thimble. (5) The thimble, yes, is the thimble. Needle sometimes does not want to see the needle, life, elegant silk, rich satin is extremely rare, more is a piece of scorpion need to be patched, hard details need to be chiseled. In this way, the same metal, the thimble must go to the top of the needle Replica Cartier Santos, top it, support it, let it not fall back; force, then force, to the side of the sole, to the side of the cloth, to the life On the other side, go see it, come back, and seriously fill the day. (6) The dense pit on the thimble is a metal wound. It takes more injuries with the injury prepared in advance; it suffers from the pain of the congenital pain. (7) While the ten fingers are connected to the heart, the thimble is also a shape of a loyal and forbearing heart. When the needles of fate pass through countless times, how much dense needles should the mother’s heart leave? (8) This silent and serene metal should be the most precious artifact in the world. It has dense pain points and a kind eyes. (9) Therefore, even if the mother does not do needlework Best Replica Cartier, she wears the thimble. (10) It is the ring that accompany the mother’s life. (11) It is an overlapping time, with the mother’s fingers going back and forth; it is a concentrated star river, rotating around the mother’s fingers…

blossomed and thanked a few times. I planted your favorite rose Replica Cartier Santos watches

One year, two years, three years, waiting for a long time, you still haven’t come, so I have not waited. One month, two months, three months, there is no audio, so I have not waited. A tear, two tears, three tears, I don’t know how many tears flowed, I am tired, so I have not waited. The people in the story have long gone, but I think that you will come back in the story like a child. When you were 20 years old, you met the best of you. There is no step ahead and no step. You said that I am the only fish in your heart lake. One day, two days, three days, a little bit of time, you are slowly leaving. Don’t ask the reason, don’t stay, just tell yourself in the heart that you will come back. I slowly change to the way you like, one step, two steps, three steps to change, I gave up all of me, just for change. Just wait until you will come back. And you, it is the wind that has dried up your memory, I am a whale, it is a dead fish in your heart lake. When we all graduate, wait until we all work, and wait until you have a new girlfriend. Wait until my waiting is empty, crying to comfort myself and have the opportunity to wait for you, crying to let myself relieve, crying and staring at the sky. After waiting for a long time, I also lost myself for a long time. Unconsciously, the scenery around me is constantly changing.



blossomed and thanked a few times. I planted your favorite rose Replica Cartier Santos watches


I often fantasize about another city. Are you starting a tea shop after graduation, as you said before? Whenever there is rain in my city, I will wonder if your city is also raining. Imagine the first you, wondering if you have a little change today. For a long time, for a long time, I don’t know how long it is. I only know that the plants I raised have blossomed and thanked a few times. I planted your favorite rose Replica Cartier Santos watches, and opened a few in May, I am happy throughout May. A May has gone a long way, seeing the rose fade away, looking at the love poem I wrote when I was there, watching your mobile phone number can no longer search your buckle and WeChat. I can no longer help to save you Replica Cartier Santos. I am often not trying to make myself forget your story. It is so deep that I forget that time is running. I forgot that you are no longer my protagonist. Your emotions and sorrows have nothing to do with me. I can’t let you have memories of you Best Replica Cartier. The farthest distance in the world is that I am still waiting for you, but you are a stranger. Once so familiar, but now more strange than strangers.

I knew that I was not even a stranger in your world. I shouldn’t write a love story with you at the beginning. It should be friendship, so that I will at least be longer in your world. The taste of love, only you have loved, only to know. If you lose it, you will know how to cherish, miss, miss, wait, and have no time to know. You know that you are just comforting yourself or waiting, waiting for you to appear in my world. After waiting for so long, I waited so long for a long time, one month, two months, three months, one year, two years, three years, you still have not come, so I have not waited. Maybe, until now, I realized that some people have missed it for a lifetime. Some feelings are over and it’s useless to stay. In this world, there will be a person who will make you a sacred month, the land you want, the one in the middle of it. Cashed out. Don’t live in the past, linger in a feeling of failure, you should look forward to the future, and finally there will be a Yuan Juan Yun Shu who will accompany you to see the sky. But that he wouldn’t be waiting for him in a story that he couldn’t wait for a long time. 12 next page

Jenny and her mother were checking out at the grocery store Replica Cartier Santos

A string of plastic pearl necklaces let Jane love it Replica Cartier Santos watches. When Dad asked for a necklace, Jenny would rather give up her beloved toy and keep it. However, one side is deeply in love with her father, and on the other is her favorite necklace. Jenny struggled after some pain and finally gave up the necklace. However, just the moment she handed over the necklace, Dad gave her an unexpected gift: a beautiful and truly pearl necklace! The five-year-old Jenny has a pair of bright eyes and is a very beautiful girl. One day, Jenny and her mother were checking out at the grocery store Replica Cartier Santos,


 Jane love it Replica Cartier Santos watches



when she saw a string of plastic pearl necklaces priced at $2.50. She really wants this necklace too! She asked her if she could buy a necklace for her. Mom said, ‘Well, this necklace is very beautiful, but it costs a lot of money. I have an idea. I bought the necklace for you. When I got home, we listed Take a look at the list and see what chores you can do to pay for the necklace. And don’t forget, Grandma may give you a whole dollar on your birthday. Okay?’ Jenny nodded and promised, she Mother bought this string of pearl necklaces for her. Jenny worked very hard on housework every day. Of course, her grandmother gave her a new dollar when she had a birthday. It didn’t take long for Jenny to pay off the money to buy a pearl necklace. Jenny loves this necklace. Whether she is going to kindergarten, going to bed, or going out with her mother, she takes it with me whenever and wherever she wants. She only took the necklace off when she took a shower. Mother told her that the necklace would dye her neck green! Jenny’s father loves her very much. Every night Jenny goes to bed, he will leave his favorite seat and tell Jenny the story she likes. One day, Dad finished the story and asked, ‘Jenny, do you love me?’ ‘Oh course, Dad, you know I love you,’ the little girl replied. ‘Well, give me your pearl necklace.’ ‘Ah! Dad, the pearl necklace can’t be given!’ Jenny said. ‘But you can take Rosie, that is my favorite doll.

Do you remember her? It was a birthday present that you sent me last year. You can also take her tea party out. Okay?’ ‘Oh no, dear, it doesn’t matter.’ Dad kissed her cheek. ‘Good night, baby.’ A week later, Dad told Jenny to read the story and asked her. ‘Do you love me?’ ‘Oh, yes, Dad, you know that I love you.’ ‘Okay, then give me the pearl necklace.’ ‘Oh, Dad, my pearl necklace can’t! But you can ask my toy Maropbins. Do you remember her? She is my favorite. Her hair is very supple, you can play with her, give her Edit the dice and do anything. Dad, if you want Robbins, you can take her away.’ The little girl said to her father. ‘No, it doesn’t matter.’ Dad replied, kissing her cheek again. ‘May God bless you, baby. Have a good dream.’ A few days later, when Jenny’s father walked into the room and read the story to her, Jenny sat on the bed and her lips trembled Best Replica Cartier. ‘Give you, Dad,’ she said as she reached out. She opened her palm and placed her beloved pearl necklace. She quietly put the necklace on her father’s hand. Jenny took a plastic necklace in one hand and the other hand pulled out a blue velvet box from her pocket. Inside the box is a real, incomparably beautiful pearl. He always took them with him. He has been waiting for Jenny to give up her string of cheap necklaces, so that she can give her a real pearl necklace.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Plan e tarium wrist watch

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Plan e tarium wrist watch

The independent watch brand MB&F is the creative research room of the watch circle. Besides the watch of the cosmic creativity, there will be a mechanical doll’s work with a big brain hole every year. This year’s Kelys & Chirp is a slowly crawling small mechanic tortoise with a musical bird that is able to sing, driven by 480 components, and an unexpected complexity under the lovely picture. RICHARD MILLE has been working on high technology to create top-level processes and super performance of harsh environment, such as the RM53-01 Polo watch, double sapphire crystal with polyethylene film interlayer, similar to the principle of automobile bulletproof glass, which can not only take a glance at the stunning and aseismic suspension structure, but also wear a helmet. A regular Polo watch is unassailable. Henry’s Flying Hours uses a unique planetary system to show the time, three hour disk rotation, a white hour scale to express the present hour, and then the minute scale of the corresponding minute to show the present minute. Precious. The Marguerite of CHRISTOPHE CLARET, an independent tabulation brand, is a romantic whisper to a woman. Petals are designed to show “I love you” through buttons. This year, the new style is smaller than 4 years ago.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Because of the limited space, Xiaobian can not fully introduce the three types of requirements, but I believe that this strategy has sorted out the train of thought and direction for purchasing the table. Then, the FHH Swiss advanced table foundation has carefully prepared 35 brands (18 advanced tabulation brands and 17 independent tabulation brands) to find the new item for you.