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There is such a woman who boldly shows her ‘scars’ to the world and gets people’s applause and flowers Replica Cartier Santos. She had a tumor at the age of 4, a long abscess on her 11-year-old leg, a scoliosis at the age of 12, and two steel bars in the spine at the age of 13. Later, she experienced several operations because of cervical disc herniation and biceps tendonitis. So far, she can’t bend over, and she can’t wiggle her body like other women… From the age of 4, her body has had too many problems that ordinary people can’t face. ‘The pain has never disappeared, I just got used to it.’ – She is used to a life that struggles with pain. Often, the pain came up. She had no choice but to wear clothes and see the training and competition arrangements for the day. ‘To survive is success.’ She always told her family. At the age of 13, she had a spine surgery for the first time, with metal bars and brackets implanted on her back. Since then, she has begun to store long hair, not for anything else, just to cover the scar on the back of the surgery. ‘The scar won’t go away, it’s been there. It’s my weakness.’ Janet Lee always feels depressed when she thinks about her scars. She said, ‘I am sensitive to my back, even if someone is standing behind me. I will feel uncomfortable. I will choose to face the wall when I am eating. I don’t know why.’ ‘She is always the most eye-catching woman on the court,’ said BBC columnist James. Black shawl long hair, black sleeveless tops, black special gloves and skinny leather pants, black pointed high heels – such a debut is not so much a ‘cool’, it is better to cover up the defects. ‘My current temperament and sexyness come from hard billiard training. It is a kind of emotional, technical and graceful sport. I like it, so I always do it now.’ In the time of fighting against the disease, She met her husband, George Briloff, who was 25 years old and played for seven years. She understood that a woman would eventually use her family as a sign of success. Of course, this did not affect her continued glory at the pool table. However, this is a person who is not as guilty of his own injuries, but has made an amazing move. Recently, a world-famous fashion magazine launched the latest photo of a series of stars. She finally stopped being embarrassed by her own surgery. Her long black hair was quietly rolled up. She boldly showed her the world. scar. When the reporter asked her why she had the courage to expose her scars to everyone, she said that every woman would have her own scars, some in the body and some in the heart. Suffering is not terrible. If you control and conquer suffering, suffering will be a necklace that will make you more beautiful. She is the world champion of women’s billiards that is loved by fans. She is a black widow who is full of enthusiasm and glamour at the billiard table. Janet Lee. It is rumored that she practiced the ball for 37 consecutive hours until she was sent to the hospital. It is true that the unimaginable facts of using plastic tape to fix the hand around the clock are true. It takes an hour for the medicine to go to bed every night Best Replica Cartier. Let the husband help her massage. ‘I just want to enjoy the fun of billiards and sports with my family, because I have to do it well and do it for every unfortunate person. Lee, you are good!’ She did not fall. Instead, standing up again and again in hardships, this made her will and beliefs stronger than metal steel bars and brackets. So, we saw her results: in the United States Women’s Professional Pool Association (WPBA) campaign less than a year, it became one of the top ten professional women in the world. In 1994, after winning the eight-ball championship in the Baltimore Championships and the Washington Championships, she won the fancy nine-ball trophy. In 1996, he won the annual WPBA championship and reached the top in the world. As an Asian billiard player, this honor is hard to come by. So far, she is a world-class idol and symbol for the women’s fancy nine-ball project. Black makes her beautiful, and suffering makes her transcend beauty.

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