Folktale: The story of the ring

Folktale: The story of the ring. In ancient times, a poor man surnamed Wang lived on the north bank of the Huaihe River, and the old couple lived. There were a lot of children who were born, but because of poverty, one did not feed. When I was young, I planted a vegetable garden. Wang Laohan also helped people to do some work. Wang Auntie washed the pulp for others, and the days were fine. The old couple like to raise livestock and poultry. The small animals that he raised were very docile and never fight. Don’t look at these two old people are very poor, but they are very good at heart, often give something to the neighbors. His nephew Wang Er, who grew up eating his family, grew up. After a few years, the two children are older, and they can no longer give short-term work to others. They only rely on the production of a vegetable garden. Xiao Wang is very savvy Best Replica Cartier, and his mouth will say that aunt and grandfather shout very sweetly, and sometimes help to do the work in the garden, so that they can follow it. Spring is here, and the old couple should be planing. As the saying goes: ‘People are harder than they were in the past. If you are poor, don’t say it is convenient.’ It is not flexible when you start to work, and you will take a break. Planing, the aunt’s hoe slammed softly, and a ring was turned up. She didn’t make a good thing, she put it on her hand. The days are long, and the golden sparkles are grotesque. When I went to the winter in the autumn, the old man got cold and got sick. If you want to eat well, the aunt will kill a chicken and cook it for the old man. After eating, half of the bowl left in the pot. When Auntie put the bowl, it was unfortunate that the ring fell into the pot. At noon, the aunt was cooking, and when she opened the pot, she was shocked. There was a whole chicken in the pot and a few cockroaches. Didn’t see anyone coming! What is going on here? She immediately told the old man that the old man still didn’t believe it. He walked up to the pot and saw that the food was hot. He said to the aunt, ‘I have rarely eaten such a good meal in my life, no matter how it comes, After eating it, just like this, the old couple have a sweet meal to eat the meal. But they haven’t eaten yet, and put the rest in the pot. At night, see it again, when you look at it. I found the ring in the pot. The old couple understood that the original ring was a baby! They put the ring in the grain and the food was full; in the cash box, the cash box was full. The old couple also planted the vegetable garden as usual, but at hand Well-off, the relief of the poor is more than before. Wang Er often eats at the big mother’s house, and later knows the ring, it has a bad heart. The scorpion stole the ring and escaped. Where did you escape? I don’t know. For this matter, the old couple are very sad. Every time they eat, chickens, ducklings, puppies, and kittens are also coming up to eat. The aunt is screaming: You little things will eat. Don’t help me find a second child, he stole the ring, don’t think about it. The point is good. She said that the little animals are quieter, as if listening. The next day, the little yellow dog disappeared, and the old couple did not care. After half a month, the little yellow dog came back. It was only a lot thinner. After a few days, the little yellow dog and the kitten were gone. About half a month later, the kitten suddenly came back, and then the puppy came back. It turned out that the dog’s nose Wang Er often enters the home of Wang Laotou. The little yellow dog certainly recognizes him. He goes to Wang Er’s whereabouts. He can find out by the smell of the story. When the aunt and the second king steal the ring, the little yellow dog is in mind. When it was dark, I ran out of Huai River and found Wang Er. Because Wang Er had a ring, he had already kissed him, and his life was very good. When he saw the little yellow dog, he seemed to see the old man again. It was time to work. Even the yellow dog yelled at me, and asked his wife to entertain the little yellow dog. The little yellow dog had its mind and went shopping all day in the courtyard. Later, I knew the ring was hidden in the box, it was I couldn’t steal the ring and I had to go back to my hometown to invite the kitten. The puppy and the kitten came to Wang Erjia. Wang Er The wife is even more happy, even the kittens are coming, this is a prosperous scene! The original puppy can only turn around in the house, can not live in the main house at night, so the puppy can not steal the ring. Small The cat is different. I can live with the owner at night, but how can I get the ring? It finally came up with a solution. One night, the two husbands and the husbands were asleep, the kitten caught a big mouse, not I bite it, just hold it’s tail and put the mouse’s mouth against the box. The mouse is scared and desperately smashes the box. In a short time, I smashed a big hole. The kitten got into the box, found the ring, and held the ring. Drilled out of the house, the dog smashed the kitten and ran away. At night, he was hungry. The kitten spit out the ring and went into the village to find something. They ate together and ate the puppies and cats Replica Cartier Santos. This evening, the puppy licked. The kitten licked the water, the kitten quickly ran home, climbed to the owner and spit out the ring, and Mimi called a few times. Then the puppy came to the owner. The aunt saw the big joy and hugged the kitten. In the arms, Jiaoer is very short, and it is a fish and a kitten. . When the puppy looked cold, he shook his head and leaned against the owner, meaning that half of the credit was me! How can aunt know? See the puppy on the top, pick up the puppy, say it will useless light to eat, do not help find a ring, the puppy that gas! I couldn’t help it anymore. I thought that all the cats took their power and made it angry. They threw themselves at the kitten. The kitten immediately hid in the owner’s arms. When the aunt saw it, she took the fireball and hit the puppy. Since then, the dog and the cat have formed a revenge. Now the dog still bites the cat.

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