loves meticulous cheetah skin carpets

In 1933, Ms. Jeanne Toussaint appointed the Cartier Senior Jewelry Director? Dusan is an independent woman with free thoughts, loves art, and loves meticulous cheetah skin carpets. Together with designer Peter Lemarchand, she gives the animal jewelry a three-dimensional dynamic, injecting a rich vitality into the cheetah. In 1949, Dusan successfully produced a cheetah brooch: the diamond-studded cheetah stood majestically on the 152.35-carat cabochon sapphire, which was dotted with cabochon sapphire spots. The design of this art treasure has won the love of the Duchess of Windsor. In 1952, the Duchess of Windsor also ordered an active bracelet of cheetah jewelry inlaid with onyx and diamonds. Since then, the flexible cheetah has become a fashion symbol of Cartier. Rich inspiration from Russia, China, and India. Cartier has been in existence for 165 years since its inception. The three Cartier brothers operate boutiques in Paris, London and New York. The three brothers are looking for creative inspiration around the world: the luxurious style of the Russian tsar and the 20th century emerging art represented by ballet, which sparked the inspiration for Cartier’s creation. In Asia, Cartier creatively incorporates fantasy, animal elements such as dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes from Chinese legends, myths, and fairy tales into its decorative art pieces to form its unique animal-style design. India, a country full of myths and symbols, Cartier has also been inspired by its symbolism, jewellery tradition and mystery. In this epic masterpiece, the protagonist is of course not a cheetah: it follows the adventures of the three Cartier brothers in Eurasia, and traces their extraordinary encounters. After a series of illusions and realistic shuttles alternate, they jump on the mountain stellar aircraft. Finally returning to Paris, waiting for the beauty side, retreat between the red box.

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