We talk about Harry’s Aerospace Avantage series

We talk about Harry’s Aerospace Avantage series, which is a bit like the ordinary model E79362: 3, 6, 9, 12, the other time marks are short bars, two electronic screens, and flying wings below 12.

But look carefully, there are some different, such as no 3 and 9 two digital time marks, 9 points and a clear white flying wing, some strange, does not repeat the sign below the 12 point position?

In fact, Harry is a custom made form which is specially produced by the British army, but is not publicly available. Harry has been in service for 10 years, a veteran who has been in the United States to study Apache helicopter, and has joined the Afghan war during the service of Apache, which should be a tool in the army.

The wing at the 9 point of the watch is not the flags of the hundred year spirit, but the wing symbol of the British air force, the kind of the Harry’s chest; by convention, the 3 o’clock position should be the Apache helicopter that Harry used to drive. But unfortunately, with these characteristics, we still can’t find a complete picture of Prince Harry’s wrist watch.

We found a wristwatch made for the C-130J transport unit. The dial should be close to Prince Harry. The 9 o’clock position is the flying wing of the Royal Air Force. The difference is that the 3 o’clock position is a C-130J transport, not the Apache helicopter.

In the field of Aeronautical and diving tools, it has been an advantage in the field, which has historically provided many tools for the British army, marking the wings on both sides of the “B” and the anchor of the B underneath, which is the origin of this history. But recently, the brand is easy to master, brand logo is also updated to remove wings and anchor, probably more comprehensive development, do not want to be considered only as a pilot watch or diving watch brand.

Another is very similar to Harry’s watch. It is the exclusive wrist watch made by the hundred years spirit for the Navy commando helicopter. The 9 o’clock position on the dial is the helicopter pattern, the 3 o’clock position is the badge of the army, and the sea king squadron is on the top.

After marriage, Harry will retire, the two wristwatches should continue to wear; and Megan, the princess, should not wear MK again, and no longer wear a wrist watch with a heap of bracelets and bracelets.

We should guess that Megan should wear Rolex Di Tong, but it may be a steel watch. After all, he has to play the role of a royalty.

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