blossomed and thanked a few times. I planted your favorite rose Replica Cartier Santos watches

One year, two years, three years, waiting for a long time, you still haven’t come, so I have not waited. One month, two months, three months, there is no audio, so I have not waited. A tear, two tears, three tears, I don’t know how many tears flowed, I am tired, so I have not waited. The people in the story have long gone, but I think that you will come back in the story like a child. When you were 20 years old, you met the best of you. There is no step ahead and no step. You said that I am the only fish in your heart lake. One day, two days, three days, a little bit of time, you are slowly leaving. Don’t ask the reason, don’t stay, just tell yourself in the heart that you will come back. I slowly change to the way you like, one step, two steps, three steps to change, I gave up all of me, just for change. Just wait until you will come back. And you, it is the wind that has dried up your memory, I am a whale, it is a dead fish in your heart lake. When we all graduate, wait until we all work, and wait until you have a new girlfriend. Wait until my waiting is empty, crying to comfort myself and have the opportunity to wait for you, crying to let myself relieve, crying and staring at the sky. After waiting for a long time, I also lost myself for a long time. Unconsciously, the scenery around me is constantly changing.



blossomed and thanked a few times. I planted your favorite rose Replica Cartier Santos watches


I often fantasize about another city. Are you starting a tea shop after graduation, as you said before? Whenever there is rain in my city, I will wonder if your city is also raining. Imagine the first you, wondering if you have a little change today. For a long time, for a long time, I don’t know how long it is. I only know that the plants I raised have blossomed and thanked a few times. I planted your favorite rose Replica Cartier Santos watches, and opened a few in May, I am happy throughout May. A May has gone a long way, seeing the rose fade away, looking at the love poem I wrote when I was there, watching your mobile phone number can no longer search your buckle and WeChat. I can no longer help to save you Replica Cartier Santos. I am often not trying to make myself forget your story. It is so deep that I forget that time is running. I forgot that you are no longer my protagonist. Your emotions and sorrows have nothing to do with me. I can’t let you have memories of you Best Replica Cartier. The farthest distance in the world is that I am still waiting for you, but you are a stranger. Once so familiar, but now more strange than strangers.

I knew that I was not even a stranger in your world. I shouldn’t write a love story with you at the beginning. It should be friendship, so that I will at least be longer in your world. The taste of love, only you have loved, only to know. If you lose it, you will know how to cherish, miss, miss, wait, and have no time to know. You know that you are just comforting yourself or waiting, waiting for you to appear in my world. After waiting for so long, I waited so long for a long time, one month, two months, three months, one year, two years, three years, you still have not come, so I have not waited. Maybe, until now, I realized that some people have missed it for a lifetime. Some feelings are over and it’s useless to stay. In this world, there will be a person who will make you a sacred month, the land you want, the one in the middle of it. Cashed out. Don’t live in the past, linger in a feeling of failure, you should look forward to the future, and finally there will be a Yuan Juan Yun Shu who will accompany you to see the sky. But that he wouldn’t be waiting for him in a story that he couldn’t wait for a long time. 12 next page

Jenny and her mother were checking out at the grocery store Replica Cartier Santos

A string of plastic pearl necklaces let Jane love it Replica Cartier Santos watches. When Dad asked for a necklace, Jenny would rather give up her beloved toy and keep it. However, one side is deeply in love with her father, and on the other is her favorite necklace. Jenny struggled after some pain and finally gave up the necklace. However, just the moment she handed over the necklace, Dad gave her an unexpected gift: a beautiful and truly pearl necklace! The five-year-old Jenny has a pair of bright eyes and is a very beautiful girl. One day, Jenny and her mother were checking out at the grocery store Replica Cartier Santos,


 Jane love it Replica Cartier Santos watches



when she saw a string of plastic pearl necklaces priced at $2.50. She really wants this necklace too! She asked her if she could buy a necklace for her. Mom said, ‘Well, this necklace is very beautiful, but it costs a lot of money. I have an idea. I bought the necklace for you. When I got home, we listed Take a look at the list and see what chores you can do to pay for the necklace. And don’t forget, Grandma may give you a whole dollar on your birthday. Okay?’ Jenny nodded and promised, she Mother bought this string of pearl necklaces for her. Jenny worked very hard on housework every day. Of course, her grandmother gave her a new dollar when she had a birthday. It didn’t take long for Jenny to pay off the money to buy a pearl necklace. Jenny loves this necklace. Whether she is going to kindergarten, going to bed, or going out with her mother, she takes it with me whenever and wherever she wants. She only took the necklace off when she took a shower. Mother told her that the necklace would dye her neck green! Jenny’s father loves her very much. Every night Jenny goes to bed, he will leave his favorite seat and tell Jenny the story she likes. One day, Dad finished the story and asked, ‘Jenny, do you love me?’ ‘Oh course, Dad, you know I love you,’ the little girl replied. ‘Well, give me your pearl necklace.’ ‘Ah! Dad, the pearl necklace can’t be given!’ Jenny said. ‘But you can take Rosie, that is my favorite doll.

Do you remember her? It was a birthday present that you sent me last year. You can also take her tea party out. Okay?’ ‘Oh no, dear, it doesn’t matter.’ Dad kissed her cheek. ‘Good night, baby.’ A week later, Dad told Jenny to read the story and asked her. ‘Do you love me?’ ‘Oh, yes, Dad, you know that I love you.’ ‘Okay, then give me the pearl necklace.’ ‘Oh, Dad, my pearl necklace can’t! But you can ask my toy Maropbins. Do you remember her? She is my favorite. Her hair is very supple, you can play with her, give her Edit the dice and do anything. Dad, if you want Robbins, you can take her away.’ The little girl said to her father. ‘No, it doesn’t matter.’ Dad replied, kissing her cheek again. ‘May God bless you, baby. Have a good dream.’ A few days later, when Jenny’s father walked into the room and read the story to her, Jenny sat on the bed and her lips trembled Best Replica Cartier. ‘Give you, Dad,’ she said as she reached out. She opened her palm and placed her beloved pearl necklace. She quietly put the necklace on her father’s hand. Jenny took a plastic necklace in one hand and the other hand pulled out a blue velvet box from her pocket. Inside the box is a real, incomparably beautiful pearl. He always took them with him. He has been waiting for Jenny to give up her string of cheap necklaces, so that she can give her a real pearl necklace.

We talk about Harry’s Aerospace Avantage series

We talk about Harry’s Aerospace Avantage series, which is a bit like the ordinary model E79362: 3, 6, 9, 12, the other time marks are short bars, two electronic screens, and flying wings below 12.

But look carefully, there are some different, such as no 3 and 9 two digital time marks, 9 points and a clear white flying wing, some strange, does not repeat the sign below the 12 point position?

In fact, Harry is a custom made form which is specially produced by the British army, but is not publicly available. Harry has been in service for 10 years, a veteran who has been in the United States to study Apache helicopter, and has joined the Afghan war during the service of Apache, which should be a tool in the army.

The wing at the 9 point of the watch is not the flags of the hundred year spirit, but the wing symbol of the British air force, the kind of the Harry’s chest; by convention, the 3 o’clock position should be the Apache helicopter that Harry used to drive. But unfortunately, with these characteristics, we still can’t find a complete picture of Prince Harry’s wrist watch.

We found a wristwatch made for the C-130J transport unit. The dial should be close to Prince Harry. The 9 o’clock position is the flying wing of the Royal Air Force. The difference is that the 3 o’clock position is a C-130J transport, not the Apache helicopter.

In the field of Aeronautical and diving tools, it has been an advantage in the field, which has historically provided many tools for the British army, marking the wings on both sides of the “B” and the anchor of the B underneath, which is the origin of this history. But recently, the brand is easy to master, brand logo is also updated to remove wings and anchor, probably more comprehensive development, do not want to be considered only as a pilot watch or diving watch brand.

Another is very similar to Harry’s watch. It is the exclusive wrist watch made by the hundred years spirit for the Navy commando helicopter. The 9 o’clock position on the dial is the helicopter pattern, the 3 o’clock position is the badge of the army, and the sea king squadron is on the top.

After marriage, Harry will retire, the two wristwatches should continue to wear; and Megan, the princess, should not wear MK again, and no longer wear a wrist watch with a heap of bracelets and bracelets.

We should guess that Megan should wear Rolex Di Tong, but it may be a steel watch. After all, he has to play the role of a royalty.

the platinum watch that Dion 50th anniversary launched in 2013

We found Megan’s third watch, which was worn in a fashion blockbuster in 2016 with a Canadian media interview. This is the true Rolex diatlas, the apparent oyster shell, the chain, the brown ceramic ring, and the ice blue dial, which should be the platinum watch that Dion 50th anniversary launched in 2013.

In 2016, the “gold dress lawyer” had been filmed for 6 seasons. Megan was a little famous at that time, and also managed to manage fashion blogger. It should have a good income.

From the MK Shanzhai edition to the ultimate platinum, it looks like Megan should be very fond of Di Tong, with Harry’s Explorer II, and the two people are the same as Rolex.

Harry, the Rolex Explorer II, everyone should be familiar with, is a relatively common, not so hot, in the Rolex product line is also relatively simple, only stainless steel, not much.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Plan e tarium wrist watch

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Plan e tarium wrist watch

The independent watch brand MB&F is the creative research room of the watch circle. Besides the watch of the cosmic creativity, there will be a mechanical doll’s work with a big brain hole every year. This year’s Kelys & Chirp is a slowly crawling small mechanic tortoise with a musical bird that is able to sing, driven by 480 components, and an unexpected complexity under the lovely picture. RICHARD MILLE has been working on high technology to create top-level processes and super performance of harsh environment, such as the RM53-01 Polo watch, double sapphire crystal with polyethylene film interlayer, similar to the principle of automobile bulletproof glass, which can not only take a glance at the stunning and aseismic suspension structure, but also wear a helmet. A regular Polo watch is unassailable. Henry’s Flying Hours uses a unique planetary system to show the time, three hour disk rotation, a white hour scale to express the present hour, and then the minute scale of the corresponding minute to show the present minute. Precious. The Marguerite of CHRISTOPHE CLARET, an independent tabulation brand, is a romantic whisper to a woman. Petals are designed to show “I love you” through buttons. This year, the new style is smaller than 4 years ago.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Because of the limited space, Xiaobian can not fully introduce the three types of requirements, but I believe that this strategy has sorted out the train of thought and direction for purchasing the table. Then, the FHH Swiss advanced table foundation has carefully prepared 35 brands (18 advanced tabulation brands and 17 independent tabulation brands) to find the new item for you.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle series watches

Vacheron Constantin does not focus on the complex table this year, but this Traditionnelle series of flywheel connoisseurs can understand it. It is simple and noble. The big caliber Tuo wheel shows the classic Malta cross frame. As a platinum collection, it is platinum from the case, dial, pointer, carvings, table buckle, and even strap sutures. Gold, the supreme noble is hidden in a breath of breath. The spring palace meter is also a must for the experts, Athens is the best in this way, in the past, two questions are asked to perform the spring palace. This year, three questions and spring palace couples are used, the time technology is more complex, the movement design and sculpture of the puppet are also more exquisite. PERREGAUX’s three – axis flywheel three is a large and complex table that is rare this year. The highlight of the SIHH is not the complexity of the technology, but the very complex part structure that is so transparent and extremely visual. The complex table is not limited to men. Van Cleef & Arpels again gives the complex table with poetic charm. This Plan e tarium is on the sand gold stone dial, with all kinds of metal and stone, including the sun, meteor, mercury, Venus, earth and the moon; the new size is smaller than 6mm 4 years ago, and the diameter of 38mm is true. Women build up.