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(1) He is not a decoration, although it is very similar to decoration. From a distance, in the light or in the sun, one of the mother’s fingers flashed brightly, that is, when the mother took the ring—the thimble Replica Cartier Santos watches, the sewing, the dressing, the embroidering, the shoes… when the needlework was done, the mother Wear it and wear it on the hardest and most loyal fingers. (2) The most complicated activity is the winter cotton shoes for a family. The soles are very thick. The folks are called “thousand layers of bottoms”. Because they are worn in the rain, the soles are thin and will not seep. The half-inch thick soles are layered by rag layers, each layer is glued with a paste, and then pierced with dense needles, with hundreds of thousands of pinholes arranged vertically and horizontally. (3) As you can imagine, in this warm-working project, the mother’s hand is under great pressure and may even suffer from the pain. The needle leads the line, the thread follows the needle, passes through the mist of the ‘thousand layers’, the night of the ‘thousand layers’, and then reaches the other side of the sole to reach the other side of life. After the needles and lines are traversing, they often tremble to the other side. This is their station. After a short break, they will go deep into the bottom of life, return to the other side, and then return. (4) In this station,

Replica Cartier Santos

it is the mother’s finger that greets them, and that is the fortune thimble. (5) The thimble, yes, is the thimble. Needle sometimes does not want to see the needle, life, elegant silk, rich satin is extremely rare, more is a piece of scorpion need to be patched, hard details need to be chiseled. In this way, the same metal, the thimble must go to the top of the needle Replica Cartier Santos, top it, support it, let it not fall back; force, then force, to the side of the sole, to the side of the cloth, to the life On the other side, go see it, come back, and seriously fill the day. (6) The dense pit on the thimble is a metal wound. It takes more injuries with the injury prepared in advance; it suffers from the pain of the congenital pain. (7) While the ten fingers are connected to the heart, the thimble is also a shape of a loyal and forbearing heart. When the needles of fate pass through countless times, how much dense needles should the mother’s heart leave? (8) This silent and serene metal should be the most precious artifact in the world. It has dense pain points and a kind eyes. (9) Therefore, even if the mother does not do needlework Best Replica Cartier, she wears the thimble. (10) It is the ring that accompany the mother’s life. (11) It is an overlapping time, with the mother’s fingers going back and forth; it is a concentrated star river, rotating around the mother’s fingers…

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