Jenny and her mother were checking out at the grocery store Replica Cartier Santos

A string of plastic pearl necklaces let Jane love it Replica Cartier Santos watches. When Dad asked for a necklace, Jenny would rather give up her beloved toy and keep it. However, one side is deeply in love with her father, and on the other is her favorite necklace. Jenny struggled after some pain and finally gave up the necklace. However, just the moment she handed over the necklace, Dad gave her an unexpected gift: a beautiful and truly pearl necklace! The five-year-old Jenny has a pair of bright eyes and is a very beautiful girl. One day, Jenny and her mother were checking out at the grocery store Replica Cartier Santos,


 Jane love it Replica Cartier Santos watches



when she saw a string of plastic pearl necklaces priced at $2.50. She really wants this necklace too! She asked her if she could buy a necklace for her. Mom said, ‘Well, this necklace is very beautiful, but it costs a lot of money. I have an idea. I bought the necklace for you. When I got home, we listed Take a look at the list and see what chores you can do to pay for the necklace. And don’t forget, Grandma may give you a whole dollar on your birthday. Okay?’ Jenny nodded and promised, she Mother bought this string of pearl necklaces for her. Jenny worked very hard on housework every day. Of course, her grandmother gave her a new dollar when she had a birthday. It didn’t take long for Jenny to pay off the money to buy a pearl necklace. Jenny loves this necklace. Whether she is going to kindergarten, going to bed, or going out with her mother, she takes it with me whenever and wherever she wants. She only took the necklace off when she took a shower. Mother told her that the necklace would dye her neck green! Jenny’s father loves her very much. Every night Jenny goes to bed, he will leave his favorite seat and tell Jenny the story she likes. One day, Dad finished the story and asked, ‘Jenny, do you love me?’ ‘Oh course, Dad, you know I love you,’ the little girl replied. ‘Well, give me your pearl necklace.’ ‘Ah! Dad, the pearl necklace can’t be given!’ Jenny said. ‘But you can take Rosie, that is my favorite doll.

Do you remember her? It was a birthday present that you sent me last year. You can also take her tea party out. Okay?’ ‘Oh no, dear, it doesn’t matter.’ Dad kissed her cheek. ‘Good night, baby.’ A week later, Dad told Jenny to read the story and asked her. ‘Do you love me?’ ‘Oh, yes, Dad, you know that I love you.’ ‘Okay, then give me the pearl necklace.’ ‘Oh, Dad, my pearl necklace can’t! But you can ask my toy Maropbins. Do you remember her? She is my favorite. Her hair is very supple, you can play with her, give her Edit the dice and do anything. Dad, if you want Robbins, you can take her away.’ The little girl said to her father. ‘No, it doesn’t matter.’ Dad replied, kissing her cheek again. ‘May God bless you, baby. Have a good dream.’ A few days later, when Jenny’s father walked into the room and read the story to her, Jenny sat on the bed and her lips trembled Best Replica Cartier. ‘Give you, Dad,’ she said as she reached out. She opened her palm and placed her beloved pearl necklace. She quietly put the necklace on her father’s hand. Jenny took a plastic necklace in one hand and the other hand pulled out a blue velvet box from her pocket. Inside the box is a real, incomparably beautiful pearl. He always took them with him. He has been waiting for Jenny to give up her string of cheap necklaces, so that she can give her a real pearl necklace.